Evan who? Who I Am and Where I Come From

Hello! My name is Evan Baker. I just turned 21 years old last month, and have been living in California since the hot July of 2016. For the past 7 years, I was living in the heart of South America, in a little tropical country called Bolivia (don’t worry if you have no idea where the heck this is, as 99% of people I come in contact with don’t either). I had moved there with my parents, in their hope of starting an English Private School. Long story short, the government didn’t really like that idea, and refused to approve the legal papers. Thus we were forced to bounce to another part of the country, where we could get support from family on my mother’s side. While we had enough to just get by living there, we eventually decided to move back here, especially since my brothers were getting near the end of their schooling period. Oh! Did I mention I have two brothers? Well I do. They are younger than me, which makes me the oldest. Now while I would love to write about our experiences and what I learned living in a third world country, this section of my blog will focus on my journey to financial freedom. That’s right, I have decided to embark on an exciting journey to seek financial freedom with the hope that someone, anyone, may find inspiration to do the same. I will go through why and how I decided on this path, where I am now, my deep realization, and how my journey has been so far. But what’s most exciting about this blog is that it will be written in real time. You will see my struggles, my moments of doubts and fear, and you will also see me overcome obstacles. You will see what I learn and the mistakes I make, and hopefully, if you decide to join me in my journey to financial freedom, you won’t have to make those same mistakes. And in closing, feel free to share any post that you find value in. My ultimate goal of this blog, is to reach and help as many people as I can.


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