I Am a Network Marketer?! – My Deep Realization

It wasn’t until recently that it hit me, that I had signed on to a network marketing system. What is network marketing? Well, since I myself have recently came this this realization, I don’t know enough to describe it to you in detail. But based on my google search, it is someone who seeks out other people to buy a product that they purchased in hope that those buyers will decide to join the network and sell those products as well. This benefits the person from which the product is bought, because they get a commision on any of the products that their buyer buys and sells. I know this sounds confusing, but believe me, I’m just beginning to understand it as well. So how did I get into this network? Well, it’s simple. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed one lazy Sunday morning when I came across a video post that seemed very compelling. Whether you know it or not, Instagram allows each user one link, and in that particular video post, the words “Link in the Bio” enticed me to, well, click on the link in the user’s bio. I did, I watched a video on how this person named Mack Mills was making thousands and thousands of dollars in commissions through this automated system. And what was even more compelling, was that he was wanting to share his system with me for the price of a single dollar! Boy did I feel special, I speedily input my private info and signed on to try out this system for 14 days for the price of a single dollar. My thoughts were “What have I got to lose?” And thus, I acquired my membership into a network marketing system. Which, if you haven’t gotten the memo by now, means that I myself had just become a network marketer. But how did I get into entrepreneurship in the first place?


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